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Dear visitor, a warm Welcome to Kinderschutzbund-Schopfheim.de

About Us
Taking action in communities and for all children – Kinderschutzbund Schopfheim activities:
…  Lobbying for all children’s rights according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child of 1993.
… Protection of children from violence, by more than mere finger-pointing: We focus on enabling mechanisms to guarantee a safe environment for every child.
… Provision of direct support, through Family Counsellors, Homework and Language Support, our ChildLine and training courses for parents, grandparents and babysitters.
… For the marginalized and underrepresented: We stand up against xenophobia and for refugee children. We condemn cuts in social services.
… For non-discrimination against children from other countries.
… For opportunities for fun, public entertainment and festivals in our communities.
Kinderschutzbund Schopfheim is part of the national organisation „Deutscher Kinderschutzbund“ (DKSB). DKSB was established in Hamburg in 1953 and over time the organisation has grown to be the largest national children’s advocacy group in Germany. Currently, over 50,000 DKSB members in 430 local branches and 16 state-level branches are working together to achieve a better future for all children.
The local Kinderschutzbund branch in Schopfheim was established in 1985. It is since then that we have actively been promoting children’s and young people’s rights, by taking action within our local communities. We also support parents in our “strong parent” programme as we believe that strong parents will provide a better home for strong children. We are more than happy to be there for you, whether you are a child, a young person or a parent. We look forward to your call, email, your letter or meeting you personally at our office. See you soon!

Our services

Independent day-care professional services
Kinderschutzbund Schopfheim has been licensed by the regional government Landkreis Lörrach to provide support, certification and training for independent day-care professionals in our local communities in Steinen, Maulburg, Tegernau, Schopfheim, Zell, Kleines Wiesental, Todtnau, Böllen, Malsburg-Marzell, Utzenfeld, Fröhnd, Wembach, Wieden, Häg-Ehrsberg, Schönau, Hausen und Schönenberg.
We serve as your partner for all your questions and match-making needs for independent day-care professionals, families looking for a day care and other interested individuals.

Becoming an independent day-care professional
You think becoming an independent day-care professional is for you because
… you enjoy being with children.
… you are looking for an interesting opportunity to raise your income.
… you are at home and have time to spare.
… you want your child to grow up together with other children.
If you’d answer YES to one or more of the above, then our training course will be just perfect for you! We are a certified training institution (Gütesiegel) to train you, over the course of 160 training sessions, to become a certified independent day-care professional. After you have successfully completed your course of training, you will hold an official licence to offer day care services, in accordance with German law.
Our next training course is due to start, ask for the next date. If you are interested, please do get in touch with us.

Finding an independent day-care professional service for your family
You are looking for a day care service because
… you would like to go work.
… you are a single parent.
… you need a day care that will accommodate your varying office hours and/or late shifts.
… you are looking for career change.
… you are in a personal situation of need.
We will be very happy to discuss your needs with you and assist you in finding a trustworthy and qualified day carer from within our network of carers.
Please do get in touch with us:

Your service partners are: Anna Homberg and Kirsten Trefzger.
Tel. +49 7622 639 29
Office hours: Mo – Fr , 9- 12am.

Early Help – Family Counsellors
Kinderschutzbund Schopfheim is an official implementing partner in the Early Help – Family Counsellor Programme by the regional government Landkreis Lörrach.
What are Family Counsellors? What do they do?
Family Counsellors are there to support families with small children under the age of 3 in special situations. They are volunteers, however, they receive a standardized training to make sure they have the necessary skills. Once fully trained, Family Counsellors will support a family once a week, for 2-3 hours, and over the course of six to twelve months.
In what kind of situation can a Family Counsellor assist?
Some families like to rely on a Family Counsellor’s support when
… they need some help after a child has been born.
… there is a situation of special need  for one or more of the young children.
… parents feel they need support in parenting young children.
… they are single parents.
… they are facing difficult divorce or separation.
… they live in the area but wish to become more fully integrated members of their communities.
… they face difficulty in caring for multiple siblings.
How can I become a Family Counsellor? What will be expected of me?
As a Family Counsellor, you will become part of the Early Help – Family Counsellor Programme. This means that you will receive professional support from our side at all times. Kinderschutzbund Schopfheim will provide a free-of-charge training for you prior to your volunteering in families, and you will receive further support throughout. Training and support will be provided by our permanent staff at Kinderschutzbund Schopfheim. The training consists of 52 training sessions, including first aid for baby and child. Please ask for further details on the Early Help – Family Counsellor Programme here, as well as the schedule of our training courses.
If this sounds interesting to you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
How to get in touch
Families and interested individuals, please ask for Anja Sethmann-Laudert or Anna Homberg.
Alternatively, families may request that we get in touch with them: Just leave your details with your paediatrician, kindergarten teacher, social service provider such as in hospitals, with your midwife or your pregnancy advisor, and ask them to let us know you’d like to get in touch. We will contact you asap.
If you want us to, we will come to visit your family home to discuss your needs and any further steps. All our Family Counsellor services are free- of-charge.

ChildLine – Nummer gegen Kummer
Call us at 116 111 or 0800 – 111 0 333!
Monday-Saturday from 2-8pm.
If you are a child or a young person up to 21 years old, this is for you. The ChildLine – Nummer gegen Kummer is exclusively for young people: Call for any questions at all, and for anxieties or worries you might have and that you feel you cannot share with anyone around you. We will not ask you to tell us your name if you don’t want to, and nobody will be allowed to know that you called us, not even your parents or your teachers.
You can talk to us about anything you want, including:
… Love, sex, relationships.
… If you have problems with or are unhappy with yourself.
… If your parents have just separated or divorced.
… Smoking cigarettes, marihuana, drinking alcohol and using drugs.
… Any violence in your family or your surroundings.
… Sexual abuse and violence.
… If you are looking for a more specific advisor or doctor.
Our trained Counsellors will take your problem and questions very seriously, and will assist you in finding a solution for these – but never without your approval.
By the way, calling us is…
… totally free of charge, from any phone.
… totally anonymous – you do not have to give your name and we will tell nobody that you called us.
… totally confidential – we will not talk about your personal questions or problems with others.
If you want to become a volunteer at ChildLine – Nummer gegen Kummer
We are always looking for new volunteer counsellors to join our team and to answer our ChildLine telephones. If you are interested, please contact us – we will be very happy to hear from you!
These are some more facts on the ChildLine – Nummer gegen Kummer:
… ChildLines have been up and running at our Schopfheim location since 1993.
… Children and young people learn more about the ChildLine –  Nummer gegen Kummer in this video spot (in German language).
… Our next ChildLine telephone counsellors training course is due to start in autumn 2017.
Please ask for more detailed information on all requirements, training courses and the contents of our work at the ChildLine – Nummer gegen Kummer.

Services for Children and Young People
Homework and Language Support in Primary Schools  in Schopfheim, Wiechs, Langenau, Fahrnau, Tegernau, Maulburg und Zell. We offer free-of-charge Homework Support on the site. Please ask your teachers about this.
Training courses for babysitting: If you are interested, please click here to register.
Services for Parents
Training course “Strong Grandparents – Strong Children” – please click here to register.
Training course “Strong Parents – Strong Children” – please click here to register.
Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Ortsverband Schopfheim e.V.
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Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9-12 am, and on appointment.